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Czech Republic xTend Travel Advice

Good food, beautiful architecture, and lovely people; what more would you want?

Czech Republic — The Basics

Lush greenery, medieval architecture, and sprawling cityscapes define the Czech Republic. The delicious beer puts a smile on the face of many a traveler. The delectable cuisine captivates all who are lucky enough to have a taste. Right in the center of Europe, the Czech Republic stands in the path of most European adventurers. Lucky for the rest of the world, it’s neither hidden nor tucked away.

The Czech Republic is a land with many neighbors. Sandwiched between Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia, this country is not too far from Europe’s most popular destinations. At such an accessible location, all European tours can easily incorporate the Czech Republic in their itinerary!

Sights and Attractions

The Czech Republic has castles, bridges, cathedrals, and more. Many of these impressive structures date back to medieval times. Think your local construction crews spend a long time making no progress? However long it’s taking them to pave that road, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Charles Bridge! Starting construction in 1357, a series of delays postponed its completion for over 50 years!

It took a while, but it was worth the wait. Adorned with more than two dozen baroque statues, the Charles Bridge has to be one of the most opulent water-crossings in the entire world. Within view of the Charles Bridge, Prague castle proudly towers over the Vltava River.

Several charming, antique red-roofed homes and structures surround the palace. For lovers of Roman Catholic architecture, the St. Vitus Cathedral is worth a visit. The modern structure was built almost 700 years ago. Its dark, brooding, Gothic style stands in stark contrast to the bright colors typical of the city. An immense number of grand structures like these can be found throughout the city. Because of the city’s impeccable feats of architecture, proper European tours always include Prague!

Not too far from the capital city, tourists have to see Karlstejn Castle! European tours always include castles and old fortifications. Of these, Karstejn may truly be the most beautiful. Surrounded by a thick, green forest, this castle is an imposing bulwark in a sea of green. Inside, a number of grandiose halls, rooms, and chambers interconnect throughout the structure. Entire halls are lined with masterful portraits and priceless artwork. Karstejn Castle is truly the epitome of late-medieval splendor.

Czech Republic travel tips

Czech Currency Considerations

The Koruna is the currency of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic does not use the Euro. The money you exchanged for in Germany or Austria is not very useful here. Since nobody else uses this Czech currency, you want to be sure to stock up on plenty of the currency of the Czech Republic before you visit. Online currency exchange sites and apps are among the most cost-effective ways to get Korunas. Banks in your home country usually exchange at an alright rate, too.

Given the limited global use of the Koruna, be sure that you don’t overstock! You never get 100% of your money’s former value from an exchange. If you have to exchange your money back to your nation’s currency, then you’re losing even more value! Paying for one exchange is a necessity. Paying for two is a gross waste of funds.

You may run out of Korunas in your time in the Czech Republic. Perhaps you guzzled too many pilsners. Maybe you went a little too crazy on the bramboraky. It’s ok. You can exchange your money for the currency of the Czech Republic in a number of places. Avoid costly airport kiosks and exchange services at tourist-heavy areas. Instead, try to exchange your money at a local bank. The rate may not be great, but it will be better than the airport.


The Czech Republic welcomes both the budget traveler and the luxury adventurer. Hotels and hostels can be super cheap. At the same time, there is no shortage of high scale establishments. Sometimes, European cheap flights are bundled with handsome hotel deals, too. Always stay on the lookout.

Flights and Transportation

There are a few international airports in the Czech Republic, so you could land in a number of major cities. Luckily, any city in this country has plenty of things to do and see. In the Czech Republic, you’ll never find yourself bored or lacking in things to do.

Book ahead and take advantage of European cheap flights when they arise. If you save a hundred dollars on a flight, you’ll have that much more money to enjoy in the Czech Republic! A few dollars can get you a lot in the Czech Republic. It would be a shame to needlessly waste your money on an overpriced flight.

Public transit is super-efficient and widespread. Unless one of your favorite pastimes is flushing your money down the toilet, avoid taxis. They’re expensive. Nine times out of ten, a bus or the metro will suffice. Buses and trains are always on time, and they’re fast, clean, and affordable.


The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech. As far as second languages go, over a quarter of Czechs speak German. Almost 25 percent of Czechs can speak English. In any major city, many people will be able to help you in English. English is not as prevalent outside the urban centers.

Sometimes, you will find that signs and restaurants do not have any English. If that’s the case, trust your handy translation app to work through it. Czechs are very patient with tourists. Most of the time, they’ll put in the effort to meet you halfway. It doesn’t hurt to learn a few Czech words, just in case.

Be Polite in the Czech Republic

Don’t call Czechs Czechoslovakian. Don’t call their country Czechoslovakia. Czechs and Slovaks are not the same. Shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia peacefully split up.

Although the break wasn’t steeped in bloodshed, Czechs and Slovaks alike are very proud of their unique cultures and heritage. Calling someone Czechoslovakian is a slap in the face to their identity. It’s been almost thirty years, after all. They expect outsiders to be up to date with their terminology by now.

As with many other countries formerly aligned with the USSR, don’t refer to them as soviet or post-soviet. They had a unique culture before, during, and after the Soviet Union’s existence. They want to be known for more than that relatively short part of their history. The Czechs and many other nations didn’t have much choice when it came to falling in line with the USSR. Their reluctance to be associated with a former oppressor is pretty understandable.

Wearing shoes in someone’s home is a big no-no in Czech culture. They were kind enough to invite you in, so don’t go trotting around their living room in your muddy boots. All travelers should be mindful of this custom throughout their European tours. The disdain for shoes in the home is true for many cultures. It may seem like nothing to you, but it’s absolutely savage behavior to them.

Key Points

Stock up on the Czech currency. Take advantage of European cheap flights when deals arise. Go and lose yourself in the excitement of this incredible country! You won’t regret it, and you surely won’t forget it!

At x Tend Travel, we have the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned international commuter and the passion of an innovative tourist. We use this know-how to provide you with travel currency for your journey and exclusive travel guidance.

The result is a rare balance in the travel industry — a customer focused company that supports and inspires world exploration.

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