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Norway xTend Travel Advice

An enticing nation of fjords, forests, and friendly faces!

Norway — The Basics

Among the northernmost countries in the world, Norway is home to an expansive wealth of natural beauty and Scandinavian charm. Fantastic fjords, marvelous mountains, and glistening glaciers await you on your travel to Norway! With a little travel advice, you’ll be ready to book that flight and draft your plans for an unforgettable European tour!

Sights and Attractions

In the capital of Lillehammer, travelers can find numerous parks and museums. Visitors to Hunderfossen Family Park may see a giant troll and want to run in the opposite direction! Don’t worry, it won’t give chase. Although it stands at nearly 60 feet, the Hunderfossen Troll prefers to keep still.

The Hunderfossen fairy tale castle is the perfect place to recount Norway’s ancient fables and folk tales! All in all, this park is excellent for travelers who are bringing their kids or grandkids.

Several incredible exhibits can be found at the Lillehammer Museum of Art. Cultural activities are often hosted at this beautiful, modern museum, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the fine arts in Lillehammer!

Norway wouldn’t be a genuine European destination without a bunch of towering castles! Norway is home to an immense number of stunning castles and forts, each more beautiful, grand, and intricate than the last. Bergenhus Fortress, a robust stone beast, is one of the oldest existing fortifications in Scandinavia, and it may be the most well preserved! Built in the 1240s, this behemoth dwarfs everything in the surrounding area. It’s truly a sight to behold — a special piece of history that has miraculously survived to this day.

If you’re into clubs, dancing, and live shows, then Oslo is the city to visit! With a club at every corner, you can get down to EDM, see a local band, or just have a beer or cocktail. There’s a nightlife establishment for every type in Oslo.

Norway bears some of the most magnificent sights in the world. Fjords are fundamental to the Norwegian landscape. Lysefjord is absolutely one of the most scenic fjords in Norway. There is no sight more stunning than the vast expanse of hills, trees, and water that can be seen from atop the natural formation. Step out on a steep ledge and see the sheer beauty below at the Hardanger Fjord. A rock formation juts out over a vast open valley. Stepping on, it feels like walking the plank. The image is beyond belief, but this attraction is not for the faint of heart.

Not all of the glaciers melted after the last ice age! Norway is home to numerous glaciers spread all throughout the country. Folgefonna and Jostedalsbreen are both like something out of a movie. If you like the outdoors and don’t want to settle for a vanilla mountain or simple trail, then you absolutely must check out these breathtaking glaciers!

Norway Travel Tips

Norway currency onsiderations

The currency of Norway is the Norwegian Krone. Unlike a boring dollar, ruble, mark, or peso, the currency of Norway has an interesting name. Krone means crown, as in the money is backed by the full faith and credit of the crown. It’s just another fiat currency, like all the rest, but there’s something quaint and fanciful about saying you’ll buy a bowl of soup for 15 Krones. Almost like a walk back to the renaissance.

Norway is an extremely safe country, but that doesn’t mean that travelers shouldn’t completely let their guard down. Although you’re very unlikely to be robbed or swindled when you travel to Norway, it’s best to take some precautions with your money. If you carry a wallet in your back pocket, consider carrying it in the front, instead.

A wallet in the back pocket is incredibly easy to swipe. On the streets of Lillehammer, some areas can get rather packed. Most of the time, an accidental bump is an innocent thing. Sometimes, though, it’s a calculated effort by a pickpocketer to steal from their mark. Your European tour is supposed to be about fun memories and good vibes. Losing your wallet and getting your stuff stolen will leave a sour taste in your mouth.


Hotels in Norway can often be somewhat expensive. No one wants to go to Norway just to spend all their money on a hotel! Look up your options, see what fits your itinerary, and try to find some deals to save a couple Krones. Every little bit adds up. With more money in your pocket, you’ll have an even more exciting European tour. Homestays outside of the tourist season can sometimes be heavily discounted. It’s always worth looking into!

Flights and Transportation

You’re most likely to land near Oslo in the south, close to the Swedish border. Most long-distance travel within the nation is done via domestic flight. Norway’s landscape is too challenging for a long-range rail system, as there are many thick forests, hills, glaciers, and fjords. Metro systems and buses are available in most cities, so intra-city travel is a breeze.


Norwegians primarily speak the Norwegian language. Almost all Norwegians can speak English very functionally. When you travel to Norway, you likely will never encounter a language barrier. An indispensable piece of travel advice — have a translation app on your phone so you can get the point across just in case. While almost all Norwegians speak excellent English, you may come across other travelers who don’t speak much English. If the need arises, and you need to communicate with them, then it’s good to have the tools at your disposal.

Etiquette in Norway

Norwegians are not a loud, boastful, and boisterous people. They’re quite the opposite, in fact. Norwegians are known for their incredible humility. Bragging or talking down to or about others is highly frowned upon. Norwegians aren’t trying to prove that they’re better than anybody. Your awesome salary and new sports car do not interest Norwegians in the slightest.

When it comes to their careers, Norwegians aren’t reaching for the stars just for the sake of being on top. They are very content with what they have, and although Norwegians don’t entirely lack in ambition, there is not a drive to be above your neighbors. Similar attitudes will be found in Sweden and Denmark.

Norwegians, for the most part, tend to have very egalitarian worldviews. They don’t generally want to hear criticisms of minorities and immigrants. Sexism or chauvinism are real turn offs for Norwegians as well. Norwegians are honest, and they’re not likely to talk about someone behind their back or kick them while they’re down.

Because of this, any Norwegian friends you make, which is not an easy task, will probably be some of the most trustworthy, genuine people in your life. Exceptions exist everywhere, of course. Don’t just leave your wallet with some random Norwegian guy because you think Norwegians can do no evil. There are bad apples in every bushel.

Small gifts are a polite gesture when invited to a Norwegian’s home.

Key Points

Before stopping at this European destination, be sure to exchange your money for the proper currency of Norway — the Norwegian Krone. This beautiful Nordic wonderland is a peaceful haven for anyone just looking to get away from it all. Hopefully, this travel advice has kicked you into gear. Pack your bags and experience all that Norway has to offer!

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