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Mykonos— The Basics

Arguably the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, Mykonos is one of the top European destinations that anyone should see in their lifetime! Few islands can measure up to the natural wonder of Mykonos. The nightlife, beaches, and party atmosphere cannot be overlooked! Crème de la Crème in the world of leisure travel, Mykonos is a place where travelers can simply kick back, relax, forget their worries, and soak in the good vibes! With a little bit of travel advice, any aspiring adventurer will have a good idea of what to do when they finally make their way to Mykonos!

Sights and Attractions

Any island has beaches. None compare to those of Mykonos! Windsurfers can’t get enough of  Kalafati Beach ! Located on the east side of the island, Kalafati beach is a beautiful expanse of sandy shores, and calm, clear water. If windsurfing isn’t your thing, no biggie. At least you can watch the windsurfers from the comfort of the sandy shore! Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

Psarou Beach , wrapping around a cute little cove and surrounded by steep hills, is a must-see for all travelers to Mykonos! Restaurants, bars, and other leisure travel offerings dot the beach and its adjacent cliffs. It’s the perfect little spot to cool off, relax, and let your worries wash away.

Mykonos is widely known for its trendy and inclusive  nightlife . A club can be found at every corner of this special island. Talented DJs come from far and wide to crossfade their beats at some of the hottest dance destinations in the Mediterranean. Some destinations are incredibly beautiful, cheap, and lovely in every way…except they’re very anti-LGBT.

Thankfully, Mykonos is not one of those places. Doesn’t matter who you like to kiss, you’re not going to catch any flak for being out and proud in Mykonos. Several LGBT specific clubs and gay bars exist to accommodate members of the LGBT community. The Babylon is a great place to party all night and catch a drag show. The Lola, the Piano Bar, and the Jackie O’ Beach club should not be ignored by the discerning LGBT bar crawler.

Does Mykonos have any old, exciting buildings? It sure does! Check out the  Panagia Tourliani  Monastery. It’s impressive on the outside, and it’s even more stunning on the inside. A vast collection of old treasures and trinkets lies behind glass panes throughout the monastery. Massive depictions of the apostles and images of the New Testament are carved throughout the structure.

Mykonos can be a windy place at times. The Venetian settlers were well aware of this fact, so they built a series of  whitewashed windmills  to take advantage of this natural force. They sit on a hill overlooking a few nearby beachside buildings. They’re definitely worth checking out if you can squeeze them into your trip!

Mykonos Travel Tips

Mykonos Currency Considerations

Mykonos, as part of Greece, uses the Euro. If you were already in Greece or another Eurozone country, then you probably already have some Euros on hand. If you need to stock up on Euros, don’t wait until you’re in Mykonos to do so. Any tourist area or airport kiosk is likely to exchange your currency at a terrible rate. Don’t settle for that.

By getting a subpar exchange rate, you’re effectively paying more for your own money! Make a realistic budget. Figure out how many euros you’ll spend on your Mykonos travel plans. Once that’s established, exchange your local currency for euros. An online exchange website is the perfect solution to get a great rate on  your exchange . All European destinations are more fun when you have more money to spend!
Mykonos is known for its beaches. And many a wallet or purse is lost on a beach!

Look into local lockers or storage, and try to refrain from leaving your valuables on the shore unattended. Even a ten-minute dip is enough time for someone to come along and grab your possessions. Mykonos can be congested. Whether you’re dancing at the club, waiting in the queue, or marveling at a local structure, you’re likely to be shoulder to shoulder with other travelers. Pickpockets thrive on crowds, and they just love a mark whose wallet is in their back pocket. An innocent bump is sometimes a harmless bump. Other times, it’s a calculated effort to swipe your valuables.

Keep your wallet in your front pocket as much as possible. It is much harder to take from a pocket that you can directly see. Vigilance regarding your hard-earned money is a piece of travel advice that will save you a lot of heartaches.


Hotels in Mykonos vary widely in price. Be sure to plan ahead. Your leisure travel vacation is always better if you can score a deal on a hotel. The more money you spend on a hotel is less fun you’ll have in total if you plan to stick to a budget (which you should). Homestays can be very affordable in the offseason or during weekdays. Check and book in advance if you find a great bargain!

Flights and Transportation

Mykonos has a single international airport — Mykonos airport. To get around the islands, tourists have access to a large fleet of buses. Owing to its relatively small size and modern infrastructure, Mykonos is one of the easiest European destinations to get around in. Water taxis are available for tourists who want to experience the different beaches around the island. It’s a novel way to get around, it’s not too expensive, and you get to witness the beauty of the vast Mediterranean as you’re in transit! It sure beats a boring bus seat!


The people of Mykonos speak Greek. The vast majority of people on the island know at least basic English. Mykonos travel can pretty much be done entirely in English. If there happens to be a language barrier, pull up your favorite translation app to get the point across. Pictures help, too. Greek greetings and farewells are a great way to ingratiate yourself to the locals with little effort.

Mykonos Courtesy and Etiquette

If you’re visiting any religious buildings, dress modestly. Shorts and tank tops won’t cut it in a Greek Orthodox church. Be sure to avoid taking photographs of religious altars! The people of Mykonos have a series of superstitions surrounding the practice. A piece of travel advice that applies anywhere: don’t be rude to locals if their English isn’t to your standard. It’s impressive that these  Greek  people have put in so much effort to learn English at all. You’re visiting their home, so please show an adequate amount of respect.

When investigating historical sites, keep your hands to yourself. Ancient artifacts remain in such good condition because tourists aren’t constantly pawing them.

Like in the rest of Greece, the drivers can be incredibly daring. Getting behind the wheel in Mykonos is not for the faint of heart. It’s probably just better to get on a bus or water taxi. This fanciful island is an incredible, magical place until you get in a head-on collision and end up in the emergency room!

Key Points

So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket, exchange those Euros, and come along to the most mysterious island in the Mediterranean Sea!

At xTend Travel, we have the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned international commuter and the passion of an innovative tourist. We use this know-how to provide you with travel currency for your journey and exclusive travel guidance.

The result is a rare balance in the travel industry — a customer focused company that supports and inspires world exploration.

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