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Among the most iconic European cities

Prague — The Basics

Prague is a beautiful city with a rich history. Anyone who plans to visit central Europe should make a point to travel to Prague. With travel deals and the relatively inexpensive nature of the Czech Republic, Prague is an extremely accessible destination that travelers of all budgets can enjoy!

Sights and Attractions

The  City of Prague  is overflowing with exciting points of interest and entertainment.  Prague Castle  is high on the list of top sights to see in Prague. Built in the 800s, this castle has been home to a variety of nobles, kings, and emperors over the centuries. Amazingly, it still stands in pristine condition to this day, offering enticing tours to adventurous travelers.

The  Dancing House  is a modern Deconstructionist marvel that is as unique and uncanny as it is extraordinary. Ascend the complex to get a great view of the surrounding expanse of beauty in Prague. The interior is exceptionally sleek and cutting-edge, and the complex has a high-quality hotel, a refreshing bar, and a gourmet restaurant.

For lovers of knowledge and history, museums in Prague are a dime a dozen. For those interested in the days of the Iron Curtain, the Communism museum is just a place to get that fix. Home to over 1000 artifacts of the era, visitors can witness the propaganda of the era, as well as statues, monuments, memorabilia, and other cultural artifacts from the days of the USSR

The City of Prague Museum, an impressive architectural display, is a rich resource cataloging the history of Prague, the Czech people, and Czech culture in general. There are a lot of incredible exhibits to see, and it’s an excellent way for visitors to connect to the long, rich history of the city that’s hosting them!The Dutch elites loved them so much that they started to pay top dollar. As global transit was relatively slow back then, a tulip-futures market emerged, and people would sink their life savings with the “sure knowledge” that the tulip would keep appreciating in value. A bubble formed, and boy did it burst! While the Netherlands didn’t enter a recession, plenty of people lost everything. The first known speculative bubble in the world — all because of tulips. Only in the Netherlands. This period of history is referred to as  tulpenmanie —  Tulip Mania!

Prague Travel Tips

Prague Currency Considerations

In the Czech Republic, they use the Czech Koruna. Likewise, that is the only currency in Prague that will be accepted; no dollars, pounds, or euros here! They will not accept euros, dollars, or pounds, so don’t try using your money from home! Your best bet is to budget it out and exchange your currency while still at home. Don’t wait to  exchange your currency  in Prague, as you may get a pretty bad rate.

The Czech Republic is a safe place, but you always want to keep an eye on your money. You don’t want to save a lot in travel deals just to have that extra money disappear! If you carry a wallet, keep it in your front pocket instead of the back. That way, you are much less likely to get pickpocketed. Anywhere with dense crowds is the ideal place for thieves and swindlers to practice their craft. Stay vigilant when it comes to your possessions.

While you can come across many deals to travel through the Czech Republic inexpensively. Don’t let your savings turn into a reason to spend your money frivolously. When you travel to Prague, you want to see the best that the city has to offer. It’s not a good idea to waste your money on overpriced gift shops and kitschy trinkets all because you had a few extra korunas. Your currency in Prague has a lot of power, so try to make the most of it!


Hotels, hostels, and homestays are very inexpensive throughout the Czech Republic. Even in Prague, you can find great travel deals when looking up hotels. Like anywhere else, before you travel to Prague, do your research and try to uncover your best options.

Flights and Transportation

There are plenty of international airports around the Czech Republic, and one is located in Prague. Mull over the best deals to travel to the Czech Republic by air as inexpensively as possible. Sometimes, you can find deals to travel around Prague bundled with hotels, museum tickets, and other services. Prague, and the Czech Republic as a whole has a cutting-edge public transportation system. When you travel to Prague, you won’t have to worry about getting around the city. The metro system is clean, fast, efficient, and quite inexpensive. The city also has a fleet of buses to help you get around. Don’t bother with taxis. They’re overpriced anyway, but they’ll often charge more for tourists.


Czech is the primary language of the Czech Republic. About 25 percent of Czechs speak English. In the capital city, this number is much higher. You shouldn’t have any issues getting around Prague with English. If there is a language barrier at any point, pull up a translation app, grab some pictures, and be patient. Learning basic Czech words and phrases is helpful.

The ability to speak or read some Czech could open up potential local travel deals that wouldn’t be available otherwise! Any phrases dealing with numbers and transactions are especially useful in some circumstances. Don’t be unkind to anyone just because they don’t speak English. English is a complicated language for non-native speakers to learn, and proper English classes can cost a lot of money.

Prague Considerations

Prague has been downtrodden and kicked about by a few world powers over the years. Nazi Germany invaded what was then Czechoslovakia in the 1930s, and they stayed there until shortly before Germany’s defeat in 1945. This occupation was quite brutal, and many innocent Czechs were wrongly injured, killed, tortured, or mistreated. Anything to do with this era can be very sensitive, so don’t say too much about this part of the Czech Republic’s history.

The Czech people were freed of one tyrant and were immediately given another — the Soviet Union. The Czech Republic did not have any option when it came to being under the thumb of the USSR, and many Czechs are resentful of this fact.

Naturally, Czechs don’t want to be referred to as Soviet, post-Soviet, or worst of all, Russian! Czech people are more than an occupation that ended more than 30 years ago. They are distinct and have their own culture, achievements, and national heritage. If you happen to enjoy seeing old Soviet landmarks, it’s okay to ask directions, but don’t be too over the top about it.

In 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully split up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As this event happened almost 30 years ago, Czechs expect people to be up to date with their terminology. Czechs and Slovaks are not the same, and Czechoslovakia no longer exists. It’s poor form to call Czechs and the Czech Republic “Czechoslovakian” and “Czechoslovakia,” respectively.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are invited to a Czech home. If you say you’re going to be there at a certain time, be sure that you actually arrive at that time. Czechs value their time, and they don’t appreciate people who don’t respect that. Budget enough time for any traffic delays or other obstacles that may crop up. Once you get there, remove your shoes!

This is a common custom in many countries, so keep that practice in mind as you travel. Ask if you’re unsure. Also, wear presentable socks, since your hosts will be seeing them. Until you’re told that you can sit, resist the urge to test out their furniture. Remain standing. When eating at the dinner table, try to be cordial and use your manners. It may be an informal gathering, but Czechs take table manners pretty seriously.

Key Points

Look up the best deals to travel around Prague for the least amount of money. Don’t forget to stock up on Czech Korunas — the only accepted currency in Prague! The Czech Republic is a fantastic place with so much to offer. The capital is the shining jewel of the Czech Republic, and any traveler to Europe should make a point to stop by this beautiful city!

At xTend Travel, we have the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned international commuter and the passion of an innovative tourist. We use this know-how to provide you with travel currency for your journey and exclusive travel guidance.

The result is a rare balance in the travel industry — a customer focused company that supports and inspires world exploration.

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