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Peaceful people and modern metropolises

Sweden — The Basics

Between Norway, and Finland, Sweden is in pretty good company. That being said, Sweden is not just another fish in the Baltic Sea. Sweden is a unique mix of exciting escapades and relaxed charm. Your Sweden travel experience will be like no other. The people are truly unique, and they inhabit a land that is rich in greenery, history, and adventure! With a little travel advice, you’ll get the most of Sweden on your unforgettable trip!

Sights and Attractions

For those visiting the capital, the  Stockholm Palace  is a must-see! With over 1400 rooms and 660 windows, nobody could say that this Palace isn’t big enough for the royal family! Protected by mounted Royal Guards, clad in blue, and wearing white ornamental Pickelhaube (spiked helmets), the Swedish Royal Guard is an attraction in and of itself!

Complete with shoemakers, bakers, metalsmiths, and other artisans,  Skansen  is both an open-air museum and a zoo. The museum/zoo showcases life in the typical 19th-century Swedish town. The Skansen Zoo showcases the animals native to Sweden. Visitors can look upon wolverines, reindeer, brown bears, grey seals, wolves, and more!

The  Vasa Museum  is the pride of the Swedish people. Featuring an incredibly detailed, opulent ship known as the Vasa, this maritime museum is all about a vessel that sank on its maiden voyage nearly 400 years ago. The effort that went into recovering the vessel is as impressive as the ship itself. It’s truly mind-blowing to gaze upon such a well preserved and restored relic of the age of sail.

Of course, Sweden isn’t all metropolitan. The  Stockholm Archipelago  is the perfect destination for those who love idyllic little island villages. The Tannforsen Waterfall is genuinely breathtaking. This behemoth has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. A number of national parks, protected forests, and rivers can be found in every corner of Sweden. Backpackers and hikers won’t get enough of this eco-rich country!

Sweden Travel Tips

Sweden Currency Considerations

Swedens currency is the Swedish Krona. Krona translates as “crown,” which is pretty cool. Better than the dull dollar, the mediocre mark, or the pretentious pound. That’ll be five crowns, please. It has a good ring to it.

Sweden is extremely safe, and the people are very honest. Still, keep an eye on your valuables. Any crowded tourist hotspot is a goldmine for pickpocketers and thieves. Keep an eye on that purse, and make sure that you keep your wallet in your front pocket.

You want some cool Kronas leftover to show your friends back home. You don’t want to be broke in the middle of your oversea travel adventure. Some travel advice that applies anywhere: your valuables run away when you don’t pay enough attention to them.

If you have to stock up on Sweden’s  currency , try to avoid airport kiosks. They can be a real rip off. Furthermore, Sweden isn’t the cheapest place on Earth. Every little bit you can save on a hotel or flight can help you squeeze out a few more Kronas. It’s universal travel advice to try to save money abroad, but Sweden is expensive enough that you really can’t afford to be too careless.


Although Scandinavian countries have a bit of a reputation for being expensive, hotels, hostels, and homestays in Sweden are actually at a reasonable price! If you plan to visit outside the tourist season, you can sometimes get a pretty killer deal on a homestay. Just note that with the abundance of skiing, Sweden’s “offseason” is relatively short.

Flights and Transportation

Railways are most extensive in the south, though trains run all over the country. Larger cities have modern, clean, and efficient metro systems. Buses are available to take tourists to smaller destinations outside of urban centers.

As Sweden has hundreds of thousands of islands, of which about 1000 are inhabited, a large fleet of ferries run up and down the coast. Different ferries can have wildly different timetables, so do your research well in advance, and be sure to arrive early. Some ferry services offer routes for island hoppers, which cuts out a lot of planning and tedium.


The primary language of Sweden is Swedish! Don’t worry about being lost in translation in your oversea travel adventure; nearly ninety percent of Swedes speak English. And most of them speak English exceptionally well. While some basic Swedish phrases are a good gesture, you are very unlikely to  need  Swedish at all. Hello, goodbye, thank you, etc., are enough to be polite.

Sweden Etiquette and Rules

Looking to buy some liquor in Sweden? Good for you! Save your hard-earned cash. Pregame before you hit the bars! Just make sure you hit the liquor store before 6pm! That’s right, Sweden, like Norway and Iceland, has very strict liquor laws.

They won’t let you in even at 6:01. They close early, but it will help you plan ahead. When the security guard tells you that you’re too late, even if your phone says 5:58, just accept it, smile, and politely say  morgandagen  — tomorrow. If you plan to drink a lot on your trip, set an alarm for five or even earlier; the six o’clock rule is an easy one to forget.

Sweden has this concept called  Lagom.  It basically means that one should be satisfied with their post, and no one should strive to stick out too much. This encompasses career ambition, interior design, consumerism, and basically everything else. The term  Lagom  translates to mean just enough, sufficient, or in moderation. Based on  Lagom,  being loud, boisterous, greedy, or coveting is highly looked down upon. Talking too much about your accomplishments and boasting about your career success is a sure way to get an eye roll from a Swede. They just aren’t into it.

It’s ok to talk about yourself, but be humble, and don’t go on for too long. Monopolizing a conversation is so not Lagom. Through your Sweden travel experience, you’ll notice Lagom in practice. People often pack a small, not so opulent lunch. Swedish interiors tend to emphasize space. Rooms are uncluttered, and although the walls tend not to be adorned with much, what  is  there is often in just the right spot.

Swedes are very polite, and they prefer to be unimposing. That’s not to say that Swedes are pushovers; they just don’t need to flex all the time. When sitting in a restaurant, speak quietly, lest you embarrass your Swedish dinner-companions. Swedes value personal space, so don’t get in their bubble. Even gesturing too vividly will irk many Swedes.

Another example of Lagom in practice: Swedes aren’t constantly running their mouths. While silence can feel awkward in many cultures, don’t feel that way in Sweden. Even close friends can be silent for minutes on end. Swedes are not appreciative of people who feel the need to fill in the gaps with whatever blabber that will come out of their mouth. In fact, they find those who are predisposed to constant chatter quite annoying. Don’t be a pest on your oversea travel adventure.

Key Points

Sweden is practically made for tourists! Just make sure to stock up on Swedens currency. Islands, beaches, friendly people, good food, modern metropolises, and vast natural beauty await all who make the great decision to visit Sweden!

At xTend Travel, we have the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned international commuter and the passion of an innovative tourist. We use this know-how to provide you with travel currency for your journey and exclusive travel guidance.

The result is a rare balance in the travel industry — a customer focused company that supports and inspires world exploration.

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