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The prime destination for historians, gourmands, wine drinkers, and everyone else

Italy — The Basics

Home to an empire that changed the face of the Mediterranean, the extensive historical wealth of Italy cannot be understated. But coliseums, forums, and columns are not all that await you along your Italy travels. Although all should travel to  Rome  Italy, there’s more to see than this influential city of old.

A land of mountains, beaches, and islands, Italy has a diverse range of landscapes and biomes to explore. Lovers of wine and fine dining will not be disappointed as they sip and chew their way across the continent. Given the incredible variety within the country, it’s no question that traveling to Italy has its perks for every type!

Sights and Attractions

If you’re considering traveling to Italy, then you have undoubtedly decided to travel to Rome Italy on your journey! If not, squeeze it into your trip. The world would have been a much different place had this city never existed. Just think of the pivotal moments of history that have unfolded in this city!

You don’t need to just imagine it. You can go and see where these timeless moments in Western history took place!  Trajan’s Market the Circus Maximus , the  Temple of Vesta , and the  Arch of Constantine  have survived the centuries for you to witness. Still in respectable condition, these relics of the ancient Roman state serve as a constant reminder of an unforgotten world power.

The natural beauty of Italy cannot be emphasized enough. Few parks and reserves in the world come close to the awe-inspiring enchantment of  Gran Paradiso National Park . Hundreds of miles of trails will satisfy any explorer who seeks a challenge. Zig-zag up steep cliff trails, and don’t forget to look up! The vast, snowy peaks of the Gran Paradiso Mountain encapsulates the sheer beauty of the Alps.

Grotta Azzurra  — the blue cave — certainly lives up to its name. The sparkling blue water in this oceanic cave structure glows with unbelievable vibrancy. The alien nature of this otherworldly glow is something that kayakers just can’t get enough of. It’s something that you must see in person to fully appreciate its one-of-a-kind appeal.

Italy Travel Tips

Italy Currency Considerations

Italy uses the Euro currency. This is great if you plan to travel to Italy after visiting some other European destinations. Before your Italy travels commence, remember  to exchange your currency  for Euros! Your home country is the best place to exchange your currency. An online currency exchange service is a great way to get a reasonable rate.

Make sure you budget thoroughly in anticipation of your currency needs. If you have to exchange for more Euros in Italy, then you are likely to get a pretty bad rate. A lousy exchange rate means that you have less to spend on your trip. Don’t wait until you travel to Rome Italy to get ripped off at an airport kiosk or tourist trap! You work hard for your money, so it’d be a shame to throw it away on a bad exchange.

Through your Italy travels, you may find yourself in thick crowds. Always keep an eye on your purse and pocketbook. For those who keep a wallet in their back pocket, it is strongly advised to keep it upfront. Going through the trouble of exchanging for Euro currency is a waste if it’s all lost or stolen! Keep an extra stash of Euros hidden away somewhere just in case something happens to your main supply. Italy is a relatively safe place, but it always pays off to be careful. After traveling to Italy, people want to fondly reminisce about their hike up the Alps or gourmet wine tasting. Tourists don’t want to look back and lament getting pickpocketed and stranded!


Hotels in Italy can be costly in some tourist hotspots. Shop around ahead of time. If you look hard enough, you can often find great deals on hotels and hostels. If you’re planning to visit a town or city in the middle of the week, you may be able to find great discounts on homestays! They would rather rent the room for less than totally miss out on the income.

No matter where you stay, figure it out long beforehand. Hotels are not guaranteed to have a vacancy. Going to whichever hotel is nearest at the end of the day is perfect if you like throwing money away. You don’t want to burn your entire budget on a place to rest. Every extra euro spent on lodging is a euro that can’t be spent elsewhere.

Flights and Transportation

International airports are spread all around Italy. Before booking a flight, try to factor your itinerary alongside the price of the flight. A cheap flight to Milan is nice, but it’s not optimal for an itinerary centered around Rome.

Italy’s transport infrastructure is modern, fast, relatively inexpensive, and it extends throughout the country. Travelers needn’t worry about how to get from A to B. Buses are available to take travelers to smaller localities. Several ferries operate all along the Italian coast. For any travelers who are interested in visiting the island of Italy, be sure to look up the ferry schedule ahead of time.


A variety of regional languages and dialects are spread throughout Italy. That being said, almost all Italians can speak Italian, a standardized form based on a Tuscan dialect. About 34 percent of Italians speak English. If you’re in Rome, you will rarely face a problem when navigating with English.

In more rural areas and less touristy spots, you may face difficulty conversing in English. If that’s the case, pull up a translation app, find some pictures, gesture, and eventually, the point will be made. Italians tend to be very welcoming to tourists, so please reciprocate their kindness with a healthy level of respect. Don’t be frustrated with someone if they don’t speak English. They live in Italy, not England. Appreciate any Italians who have made the strenuous effort to learn a not-so-simple language.

Italy Rules and Courtesy

Be sure to pack some long pants if cathedrals and churches on the itinerary. Many holy buildings won’t even let shorts clad travelers enter! Exposed shoulders will lead to the same fate. If not outright kicked out or prohibited, scantily clad travelers will stand out and look ridiculous half-naked in a cathedral.

There’s a lot to see in Italy. It may be tempting to try to see absolutely everything, but if there’s a rush, how are you really going to enjoy and appreciate what you  do  see. Furthermore, overscheduling is a great way to miss a flight or ferry. Things happen. Sometimes traffic or other circumstances interfere. Give yourself enough time to move around comfortably.

Politics and religion are best to be avoided. Expressing any opinion about old Benito Mussolini is sure to incite the vitriol of most Italians. There are still members of the Mussolini family in their government. People have a wide range of opinions about the family. Keep yours to yourself, and you won’t offend anyone.

Key Points

Don’t forget to take advantage of Euro currency exchange services before you travel to Italy! You won’t get far on dollars or pounds in Rome. See the ancient structures, cavernous caves, and picturesque vineyards while you’re there. There’s so much to see in Italy; don’t let something fantastic pass you by!

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The result is a rare balance in the travel industry — a customer focused company that supports and inspires world exploration.

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