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The prime destination for historians, gourmands, wine drinkers, and everyone else

Denmark — The Basics

Surrounded by seas on three sides, Denmark has been a land of seafarers and island hoppers since times of old. Miles of coastline stretch around this friendly nation, welcoming visitors to their white, sandy shores. Vibrant, bright-colored homes can be found in the biggest cities and the tiniest villages.

Good European tours always exhibit the majestic castles and monumental palaces of the continent. Denmark has an abundance of such glorious landmarks. When you travel to Denmark, you’re stepping into a real-life storybook. It’s difficult to believe that such an idyllic place actually exists!

Sights and Attractions

You’ll land in the capital, and you’ll want to stick around for a while. There is so much to see in the city that you could stay there for weeks! No  Copenhagen Denmark  travel itinerary is complete without seeing the  Amalienborg . Protected by the King’s Royal Guard, this royal palace is among the most magnificent royal residences on Earth! Columns, statues, and vast windows cover the palace, making it a true display of noble opulence.

Another Copenhagen Denmark travel destination is the  Round Tower . Built in a Baroque style, this tower functions as an observatory, a planetarium, and a function hall. Hate stairs? Well this is the place for you! The only way to ascend this 114-foot-tall structure is by a ramp that spirals around the inside of the tower. Unlike most old European castles and towers, the Round Tower is pretty handicap-accessible. A handicapped individual just needs a power chair, someone to help push, or incredible forearm strength to ascend the tower.

Grotta Azzurra While Copenhagen Denmark travel destinations are as abundant as they are splendid, the rest of the country has something to offer, too. The best European tours showcase the  region’s beautiful islands . Coincidentally, Denmark has over 400 islands just waiting to be explored! All inhabited islands are accessible by ferry. Naturally, islands with more inhabitants will be more accessible. You can get to Zealand, Lolland, Bornholm, and Falster rather quickly. For places like Fojo, Sejero, and Jegindo, you’ll have to catch the ferry in a narrower window.

Denmark Travel Tips

Using the Right Currency in Denmark

Though you may have accumulated plenty of Euros through your European tours, Denmark doesn’t use the Euro. The currency in Denmark is called the Danish Krone. “Krone” means “crown” in Danish. Quite a regal name! Fancy name aside, the Danish krone won’t do anything for you outside the country. Hanging onto a few extras is alright. Friends and family back home may get a kick out of their multi-colored cash. Anything more than a few Krones, though, is a waste!

You can’t use Danish Krones anywhere else. If you have hundreds of dollars’ worth of Krones at the end of your trip, you’ll want to exchange them back. When you exchange money, you are losing some of that money’s value. It is an unavoidable fact of  currency exchange .

With that being said, you don’t want to exchange money just to have to exchange it back! You’re losing value twice. It’s like trading a hundred bucks for 97 bucks, then trading that to get 95 bucks back. At the end of the day, you’re cheating yourself out of five bucks!

To avoid this, make a detailed budget. Think about what you’ll spend on a hotel, transit, and other plannable-purchases. You’ve determined your baseline costs. Before you travel to Denmark, order enough Krones to cover your baseline costs.

An online currency exchange site is your best bet to get the best rate. Banks in your area may offer decent rates, too. You may run out of Krones. No problem. Just exchange your money for more Krones in Denmark. Always exchange a little at a time.

You don’t want much extra. When exchanging money in Denmark, avoid airport kiosks. You’ll get a terrible rate. Kiosks and ATM’s near tourist centers can be a real rip-off, too. Ask around. A local Dane may be able to point you in the right direction.


Denmark sees millions of tourists every year. Because of this, their hospitality sector is robust. You will always be able to find a hostel, hotel, or homestay throughout the country. Denmark is somewhat expensive. Before you travel to Denmark, dig deep to find the best hotel deals. Don’t go to Denmark without exploring your lodging options.

Running in blind is a sure way to spend  way  too much money just to sleep under a roof. In non-peak months, you can pay considerably less for a homestay than you would in the middle of the summer.

Flights and Transportation

You are most likely to land in Copenhagen. Denmark has a very functional public transit system. Buses, metros, and trains are all reasonably priced. On top of that, they’re fast, on-time, and clean! Many of Denmark’s islands are only accessible by ferry. If you want to visit an island, look up the ferry schedule ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to miss out just because you  assumed  the ferry would be running!


The national language of Denmark is Danish. Luckily for travelers, 86 percent of Danes speak English. Frequently, you’ll find Danes speaking English with near-native fluency. You are extremely unlikely to run into any language barriers in this forward-thinking nation.

In extremely deep or technical discussions, some Danes may not understand a few words. Despite this, their level of English tends to be so high that unknown terms can be easily explained to them. A good rule of thumb: the younger someone is (to a point), the better their English will be.

Denmark: Things to be Keep in Mind

Don’t forego traffic rules. Maybe you failed to signal. Perhaps you didn’t stop for a pedestrian. Maybe you jaywalked. It may not seem like a big deal where you’re from, but the Danish take traffic rules extremely seriously. Don’t just expect a scowl, either. If you’re caught disobeying traffic rules, you will be subject to an extremely heavy fine.

Jaywalking can cost absent-minded pedestrians over 100 dollars! If you’ve had a few beers, ditch the bike. You’ll be paying upwards of 250 dollars if you’re caught intoxicated on a bicycle. Yikes! Honestly, that’s good advice in most countries. In some states in the US, you could even get a DUI for riding your bike drunk. No thanks! If you’re trying to pinch your pennies, these fines will put a huge dent in your budget. Denmark isn’t very cheap already. Don’t let an avoidable expense like a traffic fine ruin your trip.

There are some towns and neighborhoods with a heavy cannabis culture. That’s neat, but cannabis is  not  legal in Denmark. You’re a grown adult. You can do as you please. You just have to know that possession and use of cannabis in Denmark can land you exorbitant fines and stiff penalties.

If you have multiple bags or containers worth, you may be suspected of trafficking or distributing. Even if totals up to a small amount, it doesn’t look good on you. Maybe it’s worth the risk to you. Maybe not. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Key Points

Don’t stock up on too much extra currency in Denmark. Obey traffic rules. Plan ahead to make the most of your money. Last but not least, have fun! Denmark is a warm, inviting place. You’ll feel right at home!

At xTend Travel, we have the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned international commuter and the passion of an innovative tourist. We use this know-how to provide you with travel currency for your journey and exclusive travel guidance.

The result is a rare balance in the travel industry — a customer focused company that supports and inspires world exploration.

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